Why do girls hate guys who are loners or don't have many friends?

There are so many reasons for not having a heap of friends.. eg. there are those who don't wish to succumb to peer pressure and end up on drugs or with teenage pregnancies or what not in that goes around in their neighborhood. There are those who are focused on their careers or a better future or wish to be more productive and just can't seem to find the right group of motivated people. The list goes on and on..
So many times I've heard girls talking bad about their date to their girlfriends because of their date's lack of popularity e. g. "the guy I went out on a date with doesn't even have any friends, what a loser".. or at a nightclub "there's a creepy guy who's standing all by himself there"..


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  • I don't just a guy in a negative way because he doesn't have many friends and prefers to be alone. People can't judge your choices when they don't know your reasons. I love spending time on my own , I enjoy my own company. I'm very selective who I associate with. I'd rather be on my own than surround myself with people who have a negative affect on me.


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  • Well, for me I consider it cool for guys to not be that popular. Usually guys who are around guy friends tend to talk about sex and how to hook up. It gets the guy full of thoughts and even changes him a little. My boyfriend's cousin changed him to a whole pervert guy so I broke up with him. Same could happen if they are friends with the WRONG people.

  • I have a friend just like that, always talking about popularity. Popular or not, I don't care. I like independent though, but having friends is fine too. People are fake and they are not always the best people to have around so I would understand why a guy would choose to be alone. Girls who still think about popularity have a mindset of a 10 year old. I'm still in high school, but I'm telling you that shit really doesn't matter, and if it matters to the girl, trust me you probably wouldn't want her in your life anyway. (:


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