Why does he always say he will invite somewhere with his friends but he doesnt?

So I have a guy friend we dont really know each other that well we have had several convos seen each other at partys etc. But everytime we talk like for example we were talking about ice cream he said I want to invite you some time with my friends to this ice cream place. I was like sure ok. Other time I was talking to him about a this music store I love which he does too. He says I want you to come with us. But the invite never happens. I sincerely hate when some does this. Recently he finally was going to make "plans" to go with his friends to the movies when one of his friends approached us and said why not go today and he finally invited me. But why do guys do this? and if it was a random friend it wouldn't bug me but I like him so it does.


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  • in my opinion if he likes you, then he would be inviting you. I'm sorry to say this, but it sounds like he may not be super interested in you. Doesn't mean he won't ever be, but his behaviour right now isn't promising.

    From my experience, if a guy wants to see you, he will talk to you and make a plan to see you. If he doesn't, then he doesn't really care to see you. Perhaps he is being nice when he says he wants to invite you, but then doesn't end up inviting you.

    Sometimes it's because people can be flakey and they say all these nice things, but then have no follow through.

    • yeah but I am not the that asking him to invite me. He always "invites" saying he will let me know but I never suggest. Its like he will come sit by me if we are at a party I never chase him. Thanks for the advice I just realize guys are stupid. hahaha