Guys, what would you do if your girlfriend farted in public?

Say she started farting in public places on purpose and did not care. While your friends were around, while eating dinner with your parents, while sitting at the mall, while eating dinner at a resturant she leaned to one side, lifted her ass cheek off her seat and ripped a massive, loud and long fart that. If your girlfriend started doing this anywhere at anytime and in front of anyone and they always reeked so bad what would you do?

  • I would dump her.
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  • I would just let her do it and not care.
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  • That would be awesome. I would marry her.
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  • Point and laugh and make sure everyone noticed.

    • Some girls actually do not care who knows or has just heard them fart. Some girls love farting so much.

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    • Hawt, that's what I hoped for.

    • Yeah well girls actually love doing both because it feels so good for girls to do to LOL

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  • Can't people hold their fart I mean I rwmber farting in public only one time and 7 times in my house the rest I do it in the bathroom it's not that hard you know
    But as if she farted it's normal thing I'd tell her to hold her self a bit tho

    • Not all girls want to hold their farts in. Some girls want them out the moment they can feel farts down at their ass so they purposly fart in public. Some girls are also proud of their farts to.

  • As long as she refrained from shitting in her panties.

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