HELP I'm confused is he into me?

HELP I'm confused is he into me?

Ok this guy and I have started talking a week ago (mutual friends and similar interests, but we've never met in person). I started getting interested in him so I pushed for meeting up in person but he said it sounded like I wanted him to take me out on a date. So I later told him I'm pretty interested in him, but he told me I should know that he's not looking for a relationship right now. Plus he'd feel bad because he's not innocent nor conservative like I am. We still decided to hangout as friends.

BUT YESTERDAY NIGHT AROUND 12-1AM we were texting and he was texting me while driving (only at stop lights though). On his way home from a night out. He then told me he just drove by my neighborhood. Then when he got home asked

"what are you doing tonight" I told him I'm just sleeping and
he said "Kinda wanna have someone over but once I turn a movie on I might just knock out"
Me: Ahh I see. Well just watch a movie and sleep then!!
Him: I'm too tired to be in the basement by myself lol bed is nicer upstairs at this hour
Me: Watch a movie on your phone in your bed then :-)
Him: Haha oh what a Job that issss

Ok now I'm confused. He practically told me he wasn't interested in me a couple days ago and he knows how innocent I am so I know he wouldn't have wanted sex with me.
But does this mean he's actually interested in me?

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  • You know what he's interested in? Booty call.

    Seriously, texting you late at night "Oh I'm in your neighbourhood", and then telling you that he needs someone to come over because it's too scary in the deep dark basement? Please :P

    This guy is just asking for a booty call.

    If he truly liked you, he would be asking you out on a date and not playing hot and cold.

  • If he's into you then it's only for sex or some other type of fling. He did tell you straight up that he doesn't want a relationship so just leave it at that.

  • Hard to say.
    Maybe he just feel boring at this time.
    But he send message to chat with you by midnight and something he said seems like he want keep your feeling on him, he like this feeling when you care him.
    About he intersted in you or not, i think " a little bit", but not much and may not enough to create a relationship like girlfriend and boyfriend.