Would any of these make you not want to go through with a first date?

Let's say you've been chatting online only with your potential date. You arrive to meet them for the first time and they are not what they described or indicated that they were, and have essentially lied a little or a lot about it. Would any of these make you not even give your date a chance or a second date?

  • The date is 20 years older then either they or their picture indicated
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  • The date is 10 years younger (still legal) than what they or their picture indicated
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  • The date isn't the doctor/lawyer/college student they described, but actually works minimum wage
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  • The date weighs 30-50 pounds more than what they or their picture indicated
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  • The date is significantly shorter (for guys) or taller (for girls) than they or their picture indicated
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  • The date reveals that they have kids which they never told you about before
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Most Helpful Guy

  • All of that is a turn off and I'll be out of there. The problem is lying. Lie to me and you'll never get me.


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  • The only things that wouldn't bother me necessarily would be the weight and the kids.

    I can understand why some people try to hide those things.


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  • I'd have a problem if they lied about things that are static... age, for example. Things that flucuate? Weight, what they're doing right now in life, etc. I can let slide a bit.

  • A, B and possibly F. About E, it would be a turnoff if they were shorter, not taller, than their picture indicated, but it wouldn't keep me from a first date.

  • I'll go with B, D and F. Yes, yes. I'm a selfish filthy bastard. I know, i know.

    • I would actually disagree with you on that. The date actively lied to you, and convinced you that they were what they said they were or that their pictures were current/accurate, so to get there and realize you've been deceived doesn't make you the problem b/c initially we are attracted to whatever our type is before we get to know a person, right?

    • I don't know, i can't handle social relationships in such a deep level. I have clear definitions, but if they are inaccurate in some cases i would totally accept it. Definition of a selfish filthy bastard includes judging people by their looks only, so i thought it applied here.

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