How to date 101 ?

Let's start from the very basic one on how to find someone to date?
Or even how to attract men?
And then how to make them ask me out?
How to keep them interested?


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  • First thing you need to do is figure out WHAT you want. Do you want a relationship? Do you want to just casually date? Do you want to hook up?

    I wouldn't worry so much about how to attract men, you profile pic is beautiful.

    How to get them to ask you out? Well you have to be available to be asked out, that means going out places. And even then, it's ok if you ask.

    How to keep them interested? Yeah sorry got nothing for you there. Sorry. =)

    • One relationship please, all of my friends are getting married and I couldn't even find a guy to go out. Lol
      And about my appearance, it doesn't help that much here, I don't know how it only attracts creepy guy or married man. :(

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    • Uhm.. My Office

    • SMH. Sorry I can't help you not attract idiots. Idiots are idiots and it didn't matter if you wore a burlap sack, you'd still attract them.

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