Girls, Please be honest. What matters more to you ladies? Gift, or his presence?

I've had women tell me twice that my attendance matters more to them than the things I buy. I actually lost my first love cuz I put money and work before her... She wanted me to always be there but I had to work too much. And that's actyslly why I lost my second girl. (Well, these were apart of the many reasons accord to both of them. Lol)😅 so in asking you ladies, (HONESTLY!) what matters most? Does the things a guy buys for you compensate for his absence? Or does it not Matter more to you if he shows up?

  • I prefer him to show up more
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  • The gifts are enough to compensate for his absence
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  • I'm unsure honestly
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  • lol wtf. i don't even think about gifts when it comes to a relationship. obviously his presence would be the best gift ever.

    • I mean, in my situation I showed up but just not as much as I should've but some females prefer gifts and stuff that's why I ask... People are very materialistic I suppose

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    • I wanted to be there! I needed to be there! I wish to god I could have always! Been there... But... Money is survival... And... Sigh god I wish I another woman that loved me the way they use to... I have a lot of money now but... I lost the women I loved... I feel like I sorta sold my soul for wealth... And well, shit I guess loneliness is taking its toll on me nowadays... I've been single for a really long time because... I guess I'm afraid to get heart broken again. Two times was enough... Every time it happened it took me to dark place in life... A world that's soo deep and dark it's nearly impossible to climb out of... That's part of the reason I don't intimately pursue females no more.. In lamens terms, I'm afraid of heart break again 😔😒

    • Dammit sorry, I kinda got carried away, I know you didn't really wanna hear my life story or somethin... Haha my bad😅