Smart vs ATHELTIC men?

Girls what do you like? do you like smart men like doctors, bankers, lawyers (men with very high iq's) or do you like atheltic guys, like boxers, mma fighters, soccer, nfl, but we all know they are not the smartest etc. What attracts you more? I personally love smart men... i experienced one and life was simple a cake walk with him... he was very smart like 138 iq...


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  • i have a very high iq, less than 1% in my country, but i can assure you iq really has nothing to do with your occupation, that mainly balls down to opportunity and connections more than anything.

    in England we use i different iq scale do i don't know if 138 is big or not :3


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  • I have a thing for teachers/professors. Not sure why.


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  • Actually sportsmen are some of the smartest men in the world, if not the smartest.

  • Whilst profession hints towards a higher/lower IQ it is usually diligence that gets you there.
    As for Smart vs Athletic reality is that most people that have one of these attributes often have the other as well.
    Your ivy league kid isn't the fat guy in his mother's basement but rather the guy winning all the sports events in school.

    Still fun to find out which trait takes precedence, but normally you get both of these or neither of them.


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  • Well, intelligence is a way bigger turn on than athletic ability. And it makes for better conversation and connection.

    But super skinny scrawny guys are a turn off, so are super ripped guys... a lean guy with some muscle who is smart is ideal

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