How can I be supportive of my boyfriends career without coming off like a fangirl?

My boyfriend is korean and he is an actor in movies and commercials here in seoul. but i am afraid of coming off like a fangirl.

right now he is on set its 4am.. he as been there since 12 noon. he has been there working for 16 hours.. and they haven't fed him any food. and he is not a twiglet guy who only eats salads. he usually eats many times in a day. and right now he is telling me how starving he is over text. i told him to ask a staff member to bring him some food but he says everyone is too busy to do that for him. because the filming location is actualky only 20 minutes walking from my house i want to offer to bring him something. but im afraid how i will come off.. like stalkery or something. amd plus it is kinda korean culture if i bring him food. i should bring enough for all the staff.. but then that might piss off the director for slowing down production... im so conflicted right now. i hate to know my boyfriend is suffering


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  • Haven't they heard of Craft Service in Korea?

    • i dont know... i used to do acting on various shows for small one time roles and i was always fed one or two meals plus coffee or tea...

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