How do I get over my girlfriend's past?

She have had 2 sex partners. One friends with benefits. And one guy who dumped her after a week. I have had 3 partners. Everybody has a past. And I understand that. Earlier today it came up that her exs had met her parents. I met them too. I thought I was special lol. We have been together for 7 months. So you would think I would be over her past. She is not friend with any of them. She did told me that she had a dream about one of the guy trying to do stuff but she like punched him in the throat. It makes me think that she still thinks about him. But she said she can't help what she dreams about which is true I guess. It hurts knowing the fact she had other sex partners and what if I am not good enough. And then I start imagining her with other guys, having sex. It drives me crazy and makes me jealous. I sometime think about it during sex which distracts me a lot. Any advice that would help pls.


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  • She ONLY had 2 sex partners and I assume she is in the 18-24 age range. Consider yourself lucky because most people of that age range have had way more sexual partners.
    Do you have a sexual past as well?

    • Yes I do. 3. And she is 20. So I do feel lucky.

    • Do you understand the fact that you're being completely unreasonable?

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  • Get over it already man. She is with you and in the end that's all that matters. Your thinking about things that are ancient history and just can't and won't be undone. If you persist in this way of thinking you will loose her for sure and there will be no blame that you won't own. She isn't holding your past against her. I know my lady has a past to and to be honest it never bothered me and I just won't let it , that's a large part of why we are happy with each other


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