Why people are so nosy when come to interracial couple?

It annoying to me, certain people say why don't u stuck with own races and can impact bi racial children or I won't date other race cuz of history or culture.


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  • Yeah I hate when I see a comment on youtube for exsample saying bad things about interracial couples, it makes me feel guilty for bing bi racial and I don't know why.

    • Aww don't be guilty. They just mad for can't get another race or jealous. It upset me to see biracial people sad or hate their skins. Cuz I have a lot of biracial children in my family. Biracial people are beautiful!

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    • Mexican and white.

    • That beautiful mixed!

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  • F that lol I married a British guy and my parents never said to keep to my own race. One of my uncles did say that though, i laughed it off cause he's nobody to tell me who I should date or marry. People are envious thats all they are stuck with some fat troll while the rest of us are actually happy!!!

  • People make judgements all the time, and it's up to the couples being judged or frowned upon to just ignore and live their lives.

    My partner is Italian and i have heard all the stereotypes about how racist they are but my man is far from racist the kindest sweetest man ever, people will have their opinions some positive some negative but the problem lies within them all they are doing is projecting what they feel on to others, i don't give them the time of day because they need to mind their own business.

    • Good for u!! I think they mad cuz they can't date other races or they are ugly.

    • What you said or maybe they secretly want to and feel afraid to but people should live and let live, life has bigger problems with countries at war than to worry about who's dating outside their race.

      Good question by the way :)

    • I agreed with u :)

  • We can't save all from ignorance.

    It's like a disease, that never stops spreading.

    The best we can do is to ignore.

    • Or protect ourselves from this ignorance by not engaging ourselves in conversation with these types of people.

  • It's still becoming the norm. It's not 100% there yet, and quite frankly it never will be. There's always going to be those few who aren't use to it yet, but it shouldn't matter if you care for each other on such a deep level.


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  • For one, when people date interracial, someone you know might end up with an idiot who has no basic grasp of grammar or spelling.

  • I wouldn't date somebody of a different race but I could care less what anybody else does