If a guy has a lot of girl friends=player? or am I being insecure?

So this guy I am interested in and who seems interested in me has a lot of girl friends. I mean he's constantly telling me he's hanging out with them etc etc. He texts me and calls me all the time and seems really interested in me and yet the girls he's with joke around a lot with him kinda like sexual jokes. i just don't know if I am overthinking it or not.

Should I trust a guy with lots of girl friends?


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What Guys Said 1

  • playing the field
    Attempting to make you jealous
    Attempting to test you and see how you respond.

    • I mean what kinda response is he expecting? I've never acted jealous or anything and usually just tell him to have fun but it seems unnecessary sometimes for him to keep mentioning them. I mean good I guess because he's being honest and tells me what he's doing but it also just confuses me because it makes me wonder if we are just friends. He's constantly complimenting me and we talk for hours and stuff so yeah I don't know.

    • I think he's interested in you. Very much so.

      He is probably telling you that so you start wondering about him a lot (like you are, I mean you even took the time to get our opinions/advice).

      I think it's a small test.

What Girls Said 2

  • No I don't think so if he already is giving you bad vibes, spare yourself the drama.

  • My guy friends who have mostly girl friends... I wouldn't date lol, the way they act with their female "friends" isn't ghe kinda guy I'd trust. And you probably seen that yourself with the sexual jokes. But the girls my friends meet all think they're great and "so sweet" to them