What did his reply mean?

So my boyfriend and i are in an ldr and we were texting. Somewhere in the conversation I said 'I love you' and he texted back 'I do too' when usually he says 'I love you too or I love you'. I'm a bit confused as to what 'I do too' meant as grammatically it sounds like 'I love me too'. So I texted back 'you love you too? ' to which he replied '.. ur wack'. so I replied saying I was messing I knew what he meant and he basically read and blanked... I'd like some help with it all?


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  • You are way over analyzing and will drive a normal man away with this nonsense

    • Lol which bit?

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    • :) that sounds nice. So what are you worried about?

    • I guess I was just worried about the dumb text from yesterday? I mean digress he was just messing when he said I was wack? Coz usually if he says something and I bring it up he'll say he was just teasing

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  • When it comes to communicating via text message, it is very easy to misunderstand someone’s response. Don’t be too cynical. It could be a common auto-correct or he felt lackadaisical. Don’t make assumptions based off text message responses. Sometimes, when my boyfriend sends me an “I love you” text message, I’ll lazily respond, “<3 u 2.”… His response doesn’t mean he is narcissistic or self-assured or whatever. You’re probably overanalyzing it and transforming it into something it isn’t… Take a deep breath and continue on with the conversation with him, girlie. Long distant relationships are hard enough anyway without one of the partakers jumping the gun and blowing the fish pond up.

    • Well I replied with 'lmao you love yourself?' and he replied with '? Ur wack' so I texted back saying 'I was messing with you I knew what you meant' and then he just read and didn't bother replying. So not really sure... Help me out here lol

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    • Yeah lol iik what you mean.. A. I said afew days because he's super busy and we don't talk everyday anyways... We're way past that stage in our relationship lol.. but if you meant because of what just happened then yeah sure ik what you mean i should text sooner?

    • Yep. Act like it never happened!