How to respond to a girl that genuinely already has plans tonight when I asked to hang out?

Via text, I asked this girl that I had a thing with to hang out. She said she so would, but already has plans tonight with friends.
What's a good response to possibly meet up another time instead?
Do I just say cool have fun?
Do I say maybe next time?
I don't want to sound too needy


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  • The perfect response, I believe, via text message would be, “Oh, okay. Have a good night. We can hang out another day.” And just leave it at that. If she is sensible, she won’t find this sort of response “clingy” and will be satisfied with it. Nothing is more unnerving than being denied a hang-out, but hang in there! You’ll have your time with her, sure enough.

  • Just say, "Oh okay, no worries. Have fun! Another time then, just me know when you're free."


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