Is it a bad idea to give a guy an ultimatum? Like decide whether or not he wants to be with me?

Been dating for almost 2 years. He might be getting cold feet


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  • No it's not bad... but you damn well better be willing to back it up and do it if he doesn't come through.

    • Meaning?

    • Giving him an "or else" ultimatum and not doing it is worse that not giving him an ultimatum at all. Now he knows you're not serious about it.

  • As Dubhlann said, women who give ultimatums are typically arrogant and don't actually have the balls they think they have when giving them.

    "Do this or else this will happen!" is said because they think they know he will choose them, but what if he said "all right, on your bike"? Then what? Always think ahead, and decide whether or not you trying to force what you want is worth the potential loss.


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  • That's not a really good idea. But then again... You've been patient for 2 years in order to get him to commit? I congratulate you for that. I wish I had your patience in general.