How do I not act desperate?

I always say before I go out, that im not going to go for the wrong type of guy.. but i always end up going w a hot guy who treats me like shit and i go through this disgusting cycle. how do i meet someone who wants to date?


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  • You don't actually have a problem with finding a guy who wants to "date." You have a problem with commitment and seek/attract guys who do also.

    Seriously, you are the gatekeeper to relationships. Men are the gatekeepers of marriage and commitment. Figure out your issues and stop looking for guys who want to date vs. guys who want to commit. There are plenty of women just like you and only so many guys who will actually wife you up. Crack the code before your competition does.

  • Date around and when you see someone treating you poorly or not presenting with the characteristics you look for in a man, dump them.


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