Is she really interested in meeting me? or is she just bullshitting me?

Hi, I've met this women online on a dating site and we talked a lot. After some time she told me she was preocupied with hers university and wanted to talk a week later. The week later we talked but not a lot. She told me she wanted to meet me after her session. I've invited her a couple of time (3 time) and she decline saying she is busy or bla bla but still wanted to talk. Today I asked hers again and she told me she wanted to meet me (I'm sure of her honesty anymore) but later just before the date she told me it was off cuz she had a dinner and she drank too much wine.

At this point I don't know what she want anymore. Should I keep asking her, should i just let her go even if she keep telling me she want to meet. I'm not even sure I want to meet hers anymore...

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  • All this declining is a red flag. Have you video called at all? For all you know it could be a dude asking for money in the future!

  • If she really wanted to see you, she would make the time to see you. It sounds like she is playing games and is not worth your time. Find a woman that wants you as much as you want her. That's what you deserve, someone that's invested in you too.


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