If white men could produce black kids, do you think black women would like them more?

I think the only reason black women don't chase white men is because they want their kids to look like them

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  • Ok, this is a very stupid question, I can't begin to explain

  • I think the reason black women don't chase after white men is because of the racial barrier. Honestly, if a white man and woman produced a child it would still be considered black because the child would be mixed and nowadays they look at most children mixed with black and white as just black. Black women probably don't go for white men because most of the time the only white men that openly pursue them just want to have sex with them for a fetish OR if a white man goes for a black woman they're a bit secretive about it because of racism and how people might perceive both of them if anyone found out. Black Women get called "white d***k chasers" and white men get told they have "jungle fever." So overall it's just all offensive and creates problems so I think Black women don't go for white men because of fear of how others will react or even how the white man himself will react to her trying to get with him.

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