My boyfriend flirting?

here's the history

I moved over 600 miles to live with my bf. I gave up everything. 1. About 2 or 3 months after moving in I snooped his MySpace (which was a bad move I know) and he was sending messages to girls telling them how pretty they were and when they asked if he was single he said yes. I confronted him about it and he said he just didn't tell much about his personal life online (we met online).

2. he tells me he loves me. he helps me out a lot because I'm in college and where we live there are NO JOBS (i've been applying EVERYWHERE for 3 months and had nothing) we rarely fight and we get along great.

3. since the MySpace thing I snoop through his stuff like his cell phone and itouch and I still see him flirting with other girls... I finally had it when he got some text from a girl and he was really shady about giving me an answer about how he knew her and stuff... and I snooped his phone this morning and he was telling her how sexy she was and all this other stuff and I couldn't read most of what he sent back to her because it looks like either he deleted it or something but its really suspicious.

i love him a lot... each day I love him more and I never thought that was possible but all this hurts me so much I don't know what to do...



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  • This is an unhealthy relationship. He isn't going to stop flirting no matter how many times you may read his text messages and MySpace. You need to understand that love does not hurt. If he really did love you he would have more respect for you and STOP flirting because he knows that it hurts you. Just because you can't get a job and your in college gives you no reason to be depending on this loser. Be independent, move out, and seek support from your family or friends until you can stand alone on your two feet.


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  • Suspicous? It's downright obvious. Guy's a skeez. If you want it to work, confront and get him to truthfully tell you what's going on, and how he really feels about you and the relationship. Then go from there.

    Guys like that are trash.

  • You might have to accept the fact that your boyfriend isn't in the same place as you are regarding your relationship and that moving that distance to be with him may have been a mistake.

    What he has effectively done to you is isolate you from everything you knew and made you solely dependent on him. I don't know where you are exactly but where I'm from this is considered abuse.


    The sooner you come to terms with this the better you will be.

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