Have you ever met someone from online who looked nothing like his/her profile pictures?

On a dating site, for example.

While women tend to photoshop their photos more, I've noticed that men - instead - put up really old pictures of themselves in their prime. I recently went out with this man who had posted 3 year old photos of himself (I didn't know this until after), in which he appeared decently fit and healthy. He was discovered to be grotesquely obese in real life and I was blatantly annoyed by the deception so I tried to "politely" call him out and suggest that he update his profile pictures for the next gal to avoid any embarrassing confusion/awkwardness. He attempted to guilt-trip me by asserting that he was still the same person on the inside (lol) - "I'm still me!" - which was completely ridiculous.

Anyone else experience similar unpleasant dating surprises?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Ugh. Yes. Women and men do the same thing. I understand trying to capture yourself the best way you can, but so many people just outright lie about what they look like.

    And the ones who try to defend it are even worse. "Giiiirl (or guy in your case), you know what you did.)


What Girls Said 1

  • No, I have not. That's why I avoid meeting people I talk to on the internet.