Is it hard to tell age of people?

I am not trying to offend or anything but I am in between the ages of 14-17 and I have limited access to the public. And when I see girls out in public one might look like sixteen (as an example) but I hear them talkng and they may or may not be talking like they are nineteen, twenty but she looks way younger, so any tips or advice on how to tell or am I doing something wrong or what. Please don't be harsh. Thanks in advance.


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  • Honestly, it's hard to tell for me too. I can't guess by looks, but since I'm in college, I usually just ask them what year they are, or ask outright how old they are. I don't think people get offended by the question, unless they're starting to get into their 30's or older. :P
    If you don't want to ask how old they are though, you can use other cues, like, do they drive or have a permit? What school do they go to, or grade level? Those work if you're talking to them. If you want to tell just by looking and not by talking to them, though, good luck, because I don't know how to do that either.

    • Thanks for the advice.

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  • You could ask them their music style. That might help. I agree with you it's hard to tell anymore how old people are. 🙌


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  • Ask what music or movies they want to see/hear. (Just beware you might get the fan girl obsessive response if you go too far down a subject.)

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