He wants to be on good terms only?

We went into no contact for almost 4 months post our 2 year relationship. Keeping in mind this person refused to commit to me and I'm MADLY in love with him.
After 2 months of no contact he started sending random pictures of his activities and tried to initiate contact which I ignored.
Now he saw me at an event and the moment he saw me, he sent me a message saying you look so pretty tonight. Later that night we indulged in a brief conversation. He asked me to lunch the next day to which I refused because I wanted to take things slow. I got so excited that maybe our relationship would revive and maybe he realised that he wanted me and so was putting in so much effort for a month now with zero input from me because our relationship was initially one sided and it was only me who was putting in the effort.

But then end he said, there's nothing wrong with being on good terms.
Was he kidding me? So much effort to be on good terms? This broke my heart all over again. Now I don't know what to do.


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  • Move on. Cut him out of your life or you'll keep getting hurt

  • If anything he's more like "ah, w/e, can't be bothered anymore - we'll just stay on good terms, I guess", which is cool. You wanna take it slow, fine, he wants to go faster, also fine.


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