Is it weird that I like guys who are too young or too old for me?

I can't seem to like guys of my age? It's hard. I either like guys who are too young or too old. With that said old by 14 years, young by 5 years. Is this alarming? How can I even like a guy of my age?


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  • Was the guy 14 years older freaked out or did he go for it?

    • Nothing. He just feel normal :/

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    • He is just friendly and observant. I have feelings for such guys I don't know why. Is there any way that I can attract younger guy of that age or about my age. It feels odd gawd

    • Maybe the 25-30 range where the guy has established his career and is ready to settle/commit. If you don't meet guys like this in nearby bars (decent ones) or at work then try a dating site.

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