Have I ruined my chances of a meaningful relationship?

I've been talking to a guy i met online for 2wks and we've talked and texted everyday. We went on 1 date and after a few days he volunteered to take me to work and we had sex when he picked me up from work. We are suppose to go on our second date but im worried cause i had sex with him so soon he probably isn't interested in a relationship. I know im stupid for sleeping with someone i dont know so quickly and im not sure why i did it maybe cause he said he would rather just get sex out the way and i could see he would still be the same and i didn't have to act a certain way. I had planned on waiting but it just kin of happened and now im left feeling like a hoe. What should i do?


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  • You're probably fine.


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  • Heyx your certainly not a hoe! Sometimes you get to know someone more via mail and text than in person as there's no reservations.. No facial expressions to worry about!! If your going on a second date enjoy it just dont expect anything or start making long term plans.. Whats for you and all that as the saying goesxx if it works out great if not learn from it for next time


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  • Just. Fucking. Relax.

    If you message him and he's replying you're good just make sure you don't get used

  • You slept with him because you like him nothing to feel bad about only time will tell to see what happens. don't dwell on it just enjoy the relationship and see what happens.


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