How long does it take to decide if you want to date someone?

So I met this guy on this dating site , a few months ago. We don't live far from each, so we've hung out quite a bit. Hell, I've even met his room mates. We have discussed our mutual goals and interests.

Lately, I've been asking him where we stand. He has called me "baby" and " sweetie," before. For a while , when I would leave his place, he would kiss me on the cheek. It's more to it than this, but basically he do things that you do if we were more than friends. I enjoyed it, but we both discussed that we don't like friends with benefits.

i called him out on it And asked him what does he wants, but he keeps telling me that he's not sure if he wants to date or not. I've stopped talking to him but I really did like him. I'm kinda new to dating. I know there's no exact time limit, but shouldn't u know within a few months?


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  • I think he should had known in a few months what he wanted. I felt that was plenty of time. I think you was right to stop talking to him. A guy should be on the same page like you.

    • Thank you, that's what I assumed too. However, I wasn't sure if I was rushing things , if it actually took longer to make the decision or what. I didn't want him to feel like I was pressuring him into doing anything , but I wanted to at least know something.

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    • Some people take longer.3 months is long. You could had waited 5 months or half a year. I don't think their is a time limit. I think a year is to long to wait for somebody to make up their mind.

    • Your very welcome. ☺ I don't think you was pressuring him. You knew what you wanted and I understand you give a guy time but you don't want to give them to much time to decide.

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