How can I be her's again? (story too long, link continues) Sorry for the length but details are details. Help?

We had college together, met often. Initially didn't feel much for her, but I never felt anything for anyone before. Tried to gain courage to ask her out, but she beat me to it.
Exhanged #s and talking pretty often, then we start hanging out at her place and having a great time. We never became official, but we kissed and hugged A LOT. Everything was going good despite the fact that this was my first experience ever liking a girl.
She trusted me with extremely sensitive information, including her previous relationships and... stuff... that had happened to her. One day she's invited to lunch with her ex boyfriend, she says yes though she claims it was because she was hungry. Well, I kept in contact with her the entire time, and she stopped texting for minutes. Later, she calls me and tells me she had been, you can guess, the word upsets me. I talked to her and somewhat lost my temper at the guy, but I calmed down and promised her I'd always be there for her. I've never broken that promise.
We continued hanging out, at one point having a 5 hour call, and here's where my FU comes in.
I asked my friend for advice, and he said "she'll never love you like you love her." I didn't believe him, but it ate at me, I asked her if she did. She got upset, I apologized and she accepted it. Weeks later, we got Christmas presents and shared them. But we ceased hanging out. I missed her.
When she worked, I texted her on break and took her home when needed. I texted her often, too much. I didn't know what being clingy was, but apparently that's what I was being. Oh.
FF a few weeks, I'm taking her home and she says this: "Yes, I was dating someone after that (L. pause) I still have feelings for you." She held hands with me and then we hugged the tightest ever. Later, I was alone and got emotional and asked if I was still friends. She got upset cuz I was being jealous and longing.
How can I be her's again? (story too long, link continues) Sorry for the length but details are details. Help?


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  • Yea she's using your ass. It doesn't seem intentional, but still. You're letting her step on you like a doormat right now. Don't put your anger aside simply because you want to stay with her or not make her upset. People like to ignore anger, but just like every emotion it has a very important purpose. She obviously doesn't love you as much because why would shedo shit with her ex then? Be straight up with her and don't let her step all over you just because you don't want to make her upset. If you are putting her life before your own happiness then she is not worth it. I would personally leave her because she is either using you (I noticed that you said that you're not official. I wonder why) or she's just messed up with what she wants. Don't waste your time sitting around and waiting like a damn dog. Because then she will just be able to bang her ex some more. Tell her that either she gets her shit together and only settles with you, or you're moving on. It's not worth it when there are plenty of other girls that aren't so inconsistent out there. Good luck.

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