What does it mean to be " friends first"?

I`ve been on two dates with this girl, and after the first date I later texted her that I wanted to kiss her, and she said she hadn`t stopped me. So on the second date I asked if I could kiss her and it all just got awkward (yeah, I know, don`t ask just do it) and nothing else happen, and I thought I blew it, but later she texted me, next time just do it, But I have yet to get around to this next time, she keeps postponing it`s been around one month. And suddenly she just says she wanna be friends first, she want`s to kiss me, but are to afraid. What does friends first mean? I know for a fact the she s physically attractive to me so it`s not that. What should I do?


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  • It seems she wants to get to know you more first. By being "just friends first "means she can take things at her own pace. She must want time to work out what she wants and how she feels. She appears to be indecisive about what she really wants right now.

    • Should I not text her? we do snap a lot, she sends a lot of random snaps, not really any personal so I`am not sure if I should answer or not.

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    • Yeah I suppose. Thanks for the help :)

    • You're welcome 😊

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  • It means you blew your chance with the "I want to kiss you" and "can I kiss you" talk

    • yeah probably. I have learned my lesson, Just hoped I got another chance, but it doesn`t seem like it.