My mother is emotionally abusive?

she is insane, im 23 years old and im a student, i dont make enough money to support myself, she abuses that and drives me insane with her controlling behavior and jealousy, she starts cursing at me while im eating, she curses at me if i dont respond to her, when i tell her i dont like it when she curses at me, she ignores it and keeps calling me stupid, you act like a man, dumb. she is very emotionally unstable, like up and down. I have dealt with her bahvior all my life, she said i am sick because i took care of you guys my whole life, she decided to have kids and kids are a joy not a burden? am i right? i know she is mentally ill and i have to deal with that like a doctor would, but i am human too... i can't find a job or i can move out but i will be living off 170 euro a month for food untill i have a job, which is taking too long. She hates me because i am a hard worker and she says i dont give her enough attention when she is sick, but she is always ''sick'' and i hate people who complain all the time about life... what can i do? its not my fault i was born... so i am doing the best i can.


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