Guys, Why is he behaving like this?

I met a very shy guy. We went on a date a few days later. We hit it off well despite both being nervous. He asked me to text him the next day. We texted on and off over the next week. Met up again. I was feeling a little insercure (due to past history) and wanted to know If he was just a player. I was curious but got my words wrong. I asked what he was after. He said he wasn't looking for a serious relationship (because as he told me before) he might be moving back to his hometown. So then I said so you just want something casual. He didn't know what I meant.. so I said you just want Sex, he said no. So then I said... you wanna take things slow and see where they go? He said yes. I was happy with that. I left it a couple of days and texted him asking how his weekend was going. No reply. I then messaged him "Hey. I feel I need to apologize for the way I was on Thursday and all the out there questions. I've been hurt in the past that has me build a wall up and i was just wanting to clear up if you were just after one thing. I am truly sorry if I offended you x I am happy to take things slow... I think that's the best way to start any relationship. I promise I'm worth the time If you want to give me another chance. Just please let me know now yes or no... am I wasting my time even just trying to get to know you? So three weeks went by. He was still looking at every one of my snap stories in this time. But maintained radio silence, he finally texted me a week ago out of the blue "upto?" It was in the evening but I had already fallen asleep quite early. I texted back the next morning "how you doin ;P" no reply. Suddenly after seeing some snaps of me with a mutual friend... male. He has now deleted me off snapchat. Has he got the wrong idea and read too much into the mutual friend situation.. or has he just lost interest. Is there anything I can text him that will fix this or at least give him something to think about that won't have me come off needy, crazy or desperate.


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  • His nose was put out of joint after you confronted him about what he wanted; you need to go slow and steady with a reserved person rather than charging about like a bull in a china shop. Secondly he seems to think you're with this guy and figures that there's no point in keeping in contact with you because you're with someone else, what you told him was a load of baloney and he's probably moving back to his home town.

    I think this situation is dead in the water if I'm honest. You can try texting him but don't expect a reply.

    • So he has read too much into those snaps... The snaps was just of us hanging out at a oldies sports bar with our parents and his sister (as we've been family friends since we were 14.) watching mutual friends dad's gig. We weren't even sitting together. I was sitting between our mums. So snaps were of his dad playing. He stopped looking after that... if he would of kept looking he would of seen the one of him and his sister sitting together captioned "spending time with the fam bams" this guy I like knows we've been friends a long time and he has a gorgeous girl of his own so there wouldn't be anything to worry about.
      I do regret asking that question and I did tell him not to read too much into it I was wanting to clear up that he wasn't after one thing... which he never got anyway... so i should have known. We chattered for abit after and he seemed ok when I left... walked me to my car and gave me a kiss and me to text him when I got home.
      He wasn't moving back for a couple of months.

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    • Guttered :( thanks anyway. Lessons learnt I guess.
      He did put idea of this turning into something my head from the get go... when we were on our first date.. he said I might be moving back to (hometown) but we'll see what happens. His daughter lives down here... I can't see someone leaving thier baby even if it is extra money.

    • So he texted me. Wishing me a happy new years and sorry for late reply. There was little chit chat through text... but now nothing again. I don't get the beating around the bush.

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  • I believe instead of texting and snap chatting this guy maybe you should go see him and talk to him in person :)

    • Thank you. But we didn't get a chance to become that close that I could just turn up to his place and talk. His phone is broken so can't recieve calls... well can't hear the caller so I can't ring to arrange it either. I'm trying to leave it to fates hands if we cross paths again and i'll talk then. in the meantime it's just driving me crazy not knowing if there is interest there. I'm happy being single. I brush a lot guys off, but this seemed different and now I can't stop thinking about him.

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