My body's a mess?

I've small uneven boobs, pot belly with stretch marks, fat thighs and doubl chin, it's getting me down. I'm nearly 35 I've never achieved anything of significance in my life. My relationship is a joke- I've a man who doesn't allow me to have friends or go out unless it's to my mums or another family member, he's hit me and cheated on me but I'm so low on self esteem I can't be bothered arguing anymore. If he starts I keep quiet let him roar in my face, I loved a man once he turned out to just use me and rub in my face how happy he is and my children treat me worse than dogs muck. I've nowhere to go to and nobody to talk to so I'm very lonely. Those in jail have more freedom than me. I'm trapped
what do I do?


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  • You can break free, you are not trapped.
    You are just a point in your life where you have grown comfortable with the situation.
    This causes you to not have any desire to want to make moves.

    You need to be strong.
    Find the will you once had, and bring that to surface.
    You can, you must, and will do better.

    Leave this guy!!!

    When you do, only then will you be able to start working on your self esteem.
    Surround yourself with those who are uplifting, not those who are complete opposite.
    Start making better choices with food.
    Treat yourself --Go out and get your hair styled.
    Do the things you love to do.

    All of the work , first starts with you!
    First, you must believe, then take action!
    You can do it <3!

  • Start going to a gym. It'll get you out of the house, you'll meet new people. give you self esteem and boost endorphins to combat the depression you seem to be dealing with. It can get better for you. ❤️