How do you know when you've found "the one"?

If I'm being honest, I kind of lost what "love" was when I was around 16. I dated a guy for a year and a half and he was my first everything. When he left me for an older women I was completely destroyed.
Since that point I haven't put myself 100% out there for anybody. A lot of failed relationships. Which I have come to grip with the fact that its probably me. I was never totally "me".
Here I am, years later, and I have met a man who I've been seeing off and on for five years. Once again, I hadn't been myself throughout the entire thing which led to many fall outs and broken heart moments.
Recently I opened up and said "fuck it" and completely put my all into this relationship. But now that I have... I'm petrified. I'm scared that he will leave. That he will change his mind. But.. He bought me a ring for Christmas. A promise ring. And he told me that he wants me, forever. I love him much more than I ever thought I would. But I'm still scared. How do I know if this is it? If he is the one? I'm only freaking out because of my fears and insecurities. He's never done anything to hurt me emotionally or physically and has been damn near perfect and extremely patient with me.


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  • It's only natural to fear, and feel insecure when it comes to other people.
    We have to open up and let ourselves out in the open, "trust" is the foundation of a good relationship, but also the most difficult to come by.

    There is no foolproof technic to test whether it's right, or wrong but as he's been patient with you so far, and for so long, you could probably start assuming that he's serious.

    Just don't go talking about marriage and kids just yet, those are the number one reason relationships fall apart, believe it or not.. those things should come naturally down the road, if at all.


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