Should I just give up on him--he wants to backtrack and just start as friends?

I knew him for a month than dated him for a month. My boyfriend expressed how he wanted to go slower because he felt like we rushed into things and din't know each other well enough. He then broke up with me. After much prying I learned it's because in the month before we were dating I kissed his best friend whilst drunk and then another time he saw I was flirt texting another guy.(again, before we were dating). And since he doesn't like to go to parties and he knows i'll be going to them drunk without him he was worried I would do something stupid drunk again with a guy. I finally persuaded him that this situation was different because we weren't even dating. but now he wants to start things fully over. at first he said he wanted to take things slow and somehow we got into starting over so which he said was impossible. and i said nah we can jsut be friends and i'd be fine with that (urgh don't know why i said that) so now he's like yeah thatd be nice and were just "going to start out as friends" is this even worth it at this point? Oh and all the while he keeps saying he really really likes me and that i'm amazing. So it's clear he really likes me (and he would always love jsut kissing me on my cheek, then lips, then forehead) so I don't think he's disinterested really. But if he really likes me then why the hell does he want to just be friends. Also i know there's no one else cause he's not the kind of person to two time someone. if you have any more questions just message me and i'll explain more


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  • Seems like he can't overcome his trust issues with you. This is going to be a lot of effort from your side to be honest. Are you sure you want to carry on with it?

    • well once i explained my reasoning why he shouldn't worry. he kept saying okay i understand that then or that make sense. so maybe he is over it now. but still should i really keep trying if he doesn't seem like he is. i really like this guy other than this he's perfect.

    • Seems like he's saying he's over it blindly without thinking if he's really over it. I mean him being jealous shoes he really does have some feelings for you (although jealousy of stuff through happened before dating isn't a good sign). I would just keep reassuring him for a while and act on it, if he stays like this it might be best to reconsider

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