Why do I keep attracting older men?

The past 5 guys who have shown an interest in have been much older to of them are 26 a 2 have been 31 and the other one was 33, I'm 21 I don't know what's going in I dintend dress in a provocative way I'm very self consious, when I do have confidence I still keep my look casual with abit of girly, my body isn't all there I am abit over weight spent Christmas eating and hynernating, I'm mature for my age I have lived on my own since i was 18, pay my own bills, studied (which I am planning to get back into) haven't had a boyfriend in nearly a year, I don't go out much and when I do its more formal I prefer a dinner with friends a few drinks and to socialise rather then a party.

All my friend are like 27+ I have like 3 friends that are ofbpeoplw lot of people say it's the way I carry myself that makes me seem older and maybe that's why I attracting older guys? Is this even possible and okai yh I find guys 25+ more attractive I'm more drawn to them nit a lot of guys my age have gone through what I have and are mature enough to stand on there own to feet.

I'm happy to date a guy regardless of age but are there any pointers for daring a guy much older then me? I don't want to be taken advantage of and taken for a 21 year older bimbo. One guy maybe me feel that way and I felt so insulted, degraded my intelligence


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  • Older guys tend to be more matore and they know what they want out of life. Sometimes you can find young guys like that to. You can be attracting these older guys because of the way you carry yourself. Maybe you can also be their type of girl they would like to date. We all have different types we like to date.


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