Reconnecting? Is this weird?

Hope everyone is having a good holiday season!

Anyway... earlier this year, I moved to a new city. Since making new friends post-university is hard, I used online-dating. Met someone off there that had an incredibly high match-percent, similar taste in everything, and overall, we clicked very well. Physcial contact and stuff on date, etc. We kept talking and planned to do more. However, she was still a student and was accepted to another university and transfered far away so naturally, we ended things.

However, we still snapchat, talk, and keep in touch with each other. She's temporarily back home for the holidays. Would it be weird to ask her is she wants to get together or see a show? She was basically my first friend I made in this new city BUT despite how much we've kept in contact, we still aren't facebook friends (since social media does mean something nowadawys)

Appreciate the help/advice everyone!


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  • It would be more weird not asking her , considering you've met up , been intimate and still kept in touch. Go for it! I'm sure she'll jump at the chance to go on another date with you. She's probably hoping you'll ask. You have nothing to lose by asking 😊


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