Ladies, I want your thoughts on this girls behavior?

So I was interested in this guy, but the minute I tried to date him, his ex decided she wanted to get back with him. I didn't try to steal him from her, I wasn't mean to her when she started dating him... nothing! She used to be really nice to me, then we didn't have any classes together anymore, so all I tried to do was rekindle the friendship. But my friendliness has been met with extreme hostility from her: she blocked me on Instagram after requesting to follow her, denied my Facebook friend request and prevented me from requesting again, and made her friends treat me exactly the same, plus when I see them somewhere outside, they give me the silent treatment and smile at me in a very bitchy looking way. I did NOTHING! All I did was try to be her friend again. Her boyfriend doesn't even talk to me anymore, and technically speaking shouldn't I be the angry one since she technically stole him the MINUTE I pursued him? Does it sound like she's jealous something? Her boyfriend has told multiple friends that he thinks I'm beautiful and pretty. Even though he wasn't able to actively pursue anything with me, is her behavior indicative of some hidden desire to date me, that this girl senses? Or what is up, ladies please explain cause I don't know?


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  • She's probably just jealous because the attempt was there, girls are capable of showing really bitchy and ugly emotions and it's not pretty. She's jealous that the mentioning of you even came out of his mouth. Girls aren't stupid, of knowing whether a guy likes someone else, and even if he doesn't like you, thinking you're attractive seems to be a huge threat to her.

  • Well in my opinion i think she's jealous of you, and knows that he wanted something with you. So at her anger she treats you that way

    • So it IS abnormal for a girl to act like this? I mean she's friends with all his ex girlfriends on Facebook

    • I'm not EVEN an ex girlfriend!!! You would think she'd be more unfriendly to the exes than to someone who hasn't even dated him right

    • Exactlyy!! she's jealous of you girl😀

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