How do I know if he's really into me?

I'm new to dating, even though I'm 31. I've been dating this guy for almost 5 months. I really like him, and I'm pretty sure he likes me. I keep getting mixed signals. When he's with me, I'm pretty sure he likes me. Although, he doesn't initiate a whole lot of physical contact. We've kissed, held hands, and made out a tiny bit. That's about it.

We both have responsabilities, which can make seeing each other hard sometimes. Maybe we're just both too responsible, but I sometimes feel like he'd be okay going a week or two without seeing me. That makes me wonder how serious he really is. I know he's not seeing anyone else. I'm not at all worried about that.

I kind of talked with him once, and he said he was happy with how things are going and that he likes me, but then he'll go another few weeks without initiating plans. He then gives me a diamond necklace for Christmas which makes me think he really is interested in this relationship. I'm just so confused!!


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  • It sounds very odd. As a grown man, 48, I can't imagine having a relationship at that level and I think im pretty typical.

    • What level? Do you imagine we'd be getting together more often? Or more physically involved by now? I'm pretty sure he's a virgin too which may be part of the issue with physical intimacy. I know each relationship is different, and I'm okay with going slow, but I'm not sure how to read him.

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    • Thanks for the feedback. I feel like telling him I'd like if we could be a little more assertive and crazy and less practical and responsible. We both are fairly practical which can get in the way I think. He went home for the holidays, which is great. But, I had asked if he'd want to spend New year's with me. He debated since he'd have to drive back for something that weekend. I told him I didn't want to make him drive that much. I then offered to drive to him. He said he'd hate to make me drive that much. We've only been dating a few months I know. So, I'm not sure if this is just more than where we're at right now. Or if we just don't have the passion I think most relationships have.

    • I'd say it's pretty clear your relationship doesn't have much passion, but maybe that's all to the good. If you've both been ABLE to maintain virginity this long, then you must have lower-than-average sex drives. I'd be an insane wreck by the time I was 30. I mean locked up crazy.

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  • I think that necklace is at least one sign that he likes you if anything, Its not like he goes out and gives that to every girl he likes!


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