How to engage a conversation on whatsapp?

Hello, there's an application called whatsapp that works like instant messaging where you can upload a profile picture and a status for those who are not familiar to this app.

There is a girl that I'm attracted, and we've been talking from times to times. Basically she usually send a picture or else then the conversation starts.

Tomorrow, I would like to text her but I do not know what to say exactly.

"how you doing?"
"how was your weekend?"
"how's your holiday going?"
"nice picture, where did you take it pretty?"
and so on.

As being a shy person, I tend to overthink stuffs thus I'd like some advices from you. I would really appreciate to give me a sort of "plan" on conversation starter if you got what I mean.

Thank you.


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  • All of them are good. I sometimes send a silly emoji because I can't think of anything interesting to say and we still end up talking after exchanging all the useless emoji on Whatsapp

    • Thank you for your reply.

      Wouldn't it sound immature to send emojis via whatsapp?
      As I said on another comment, I have no experience at all when it comes to girls.

      I do send emojis nevertheless, but I try to minimize it as much as possible.

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  • ... this sounds like it was written by a 50 year old.

    any of those lines are fine.

    • Thank you for your answer.

      You have this impression because actually I'm 22 years old and have no experience at all with girls. In addition to that I'm a shy person, and anxious lol.

      I guess I'm gonna figure out which sentences fits best what I'm going to say :)

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