Does he likes me or not? Not sure if he has a Girlfriend or not cause He told me a lot of personal information?

Like when he tells you personal stuff about him like (Parents Divorce , What he studied in college, Trips he's tooken, What he's into (Math and history , Where his house is and what street/town)
Is it because he's comfirtable around you and likes you more than a friend?
Or is it cause he sees you as a friend?

Also im unsure if he likes me but he told me a lot of personal information about him and his life
Im 24 he's 27

Guy in questions facebook picture is of himself, and his facebook super private and doesn't show if " relationship, Single, Etc" But one girl in his friends list has a picture of them and looks recent. Not really a couply picture. And her facebook doesn't say wether thier in a relationship or not. and im not friends with her so her 'Relationship" Things private, so isn't guy in question.

Soooo do u think they are in a relationship? not in a relatipnship? Why is his profile picture of just him and not both? Could they just be best friends?

And is there a way to ask wether he's in a relationship but it not be weird or too forward about it?


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  • He may have just been confiding in you.