The guy I like already rejected me but I want to remain as friend.. is it ok? will he accept me as friend?

Well he did rejected me.. but I don't want the relationship as friend to stop just like that.. is it possible to guys to accept that?


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  • If he was the one that rejected you then it depends on how long you knew him for so far if he will want to be a friend?

    • Knowing him for less then a week.. I know I sound so crazy... but I couldn't gv up on him

    • That sounds a little too soon to be honest to even call him a friend lol. Usually when I have gotten rejected (because everyone experiences at some point!) I would stop communicating with them entirely because it feels awkward now don't you think? She still follows me on instagram though which is kinda funny 😂

    • Ya I know what you mean.. usually I will stop communicating but I don't know what happen to me.. I just don't feel like wanna gv up on this guy.. me myself shock with myself.. I seriously don't know why...=.=