What does he mean? Is he developing feelings for me?

Ok this guy and I have started talking a week ago (mutual friends and similar interests, but we've never met in person). I started getting interested in him so I pushed for meeting up in person but he said it sounded like I wanted him to take me out on a date. So I later told him I'm pretty interested in him, but he told me I should know that he's not looking for a relationship right now. Plus he'd feel bad because he's not innocent nor conservative like I am. We still decided to hangout as friends this week.

but a few nights ago, he wanted me to come over to hangout with him and watch a movie (around 12 AM when he got home from a night out). He knows how innocent I am and he strictly said he wants someone to come over but he might fall asleep when the movie starts. After I said I couldn't come over, he fell asleep (didn't ask anyone else)

THENN we always talk about pretty deep stuff. Yesterday he said he quit an organization bc he doesn't like the naive and immature people. I apologized if I was bothering him because I'm naive and innocent and he explained that I did not bother him at all and how my situation is diff from theirs...

Then he randomly said "tbh you're pretty cute bahah" during the middle of the convo. Is this referring to my ACTIONS or me physically as a whole? AND GUYS DO YOU TELL YOUR LADY FRIENDS (who you aren't close to) that they're "pretty cute" randomly?

So I'm confused. Is he possible developing SERIOUS feelings for me (possibility of dating)? We usually text all day and he doesn't like planning things (he's spontaneous) but he let me plan out our hangout on Tuesday and said he's free all day.

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  • seems like it.


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