Need help, feeling very insecure. Should I make this call?

just spent a nice 4 days with boyfriend and his fmaily at his relavtives house from a diff. state... everything was amazing... on way home, i told him about my insecurity about lock of phone calls from him and how i get very uncomfortable when unble to reach him and he doenst call back at night when i call him... he said he would do better...

i dropped him off around 6:30..., he text me around 7:13... saying he is checking on me..

i just called him 8:15, his phone is off... and i am getting very insecure again

known him over a yr. this has happeend about 10-15 times (combined) where i can't reach him at night, or he won't call me back or his phone off

his mom was very nice to me over the holiday, i wonder if i shoild call his mom's cell to reach him...

(there was once he used his moms cell to call me when i was upset with him)

please help...

there are reasons for my insecurity :(


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  • He already contacted you. Take a chill pill.

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