Girls, How long should I wait before dating again?

My girlfriend just broke up with me last night. She said she broke up with me because life was overwhelming her. She also said I never did anything wrong she just lost our connection. Obviously, I am pretty sad still. I feel very lonely. I also do not want to use a girl as a rebound. That would be terribly mean. To ensure that, I need to wait until I am over this girl. I also don't want to be veiwed as a guy who jumps from girl to girl, and i don't want to hurt my ex's feelings. So just how long should I wait before I try to start talking to girls with the intent to date again.


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  • Wait the amount of time you were in the relationship with her before dating again. For example, if you dated her for 6 months, wait 6 months before dating again. I think this method works pretty well. Best of luck to you, we have all been there.

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