How do you get a girlfriend in college?

I am confident and social. But i am broke, overweight (160 lbs), and Indian. these 3 are roadblocks in relationships and one night stands.

I do hit the gym, and Study and hangout with friends.


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  • Hmm... Loose weight and be not broke would be a great starting point. Hit the gym, eat less and find part time work. Plan out your career, life, money, budget. You will naturally notice girls around you.

    • I am a freshman, so I am not too sure yet about career. and I DO NOT WANT TO attract gold diggers

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    • and how can I lose weight? what are good diets?

    • Generally you eat less calories than you use. Switching from high starch and sugar diet into a meat, veges and fat diet will force a change in your body to accommodate the lack of sugar. It will be forced to use up your fat at low efficiency rate for energy.

      Combine that with high intensity work out that will build your muscle and force your body to burn energy all day will cause you to lose weight.

      Most diet works by making you eat less and use more energy. They do it differently but the principle is the same. In general, you need to have an offset of 3500cal to lose 1lb of fat. You can eat about 30% less everyday and work out for at least 500cal a day then you will lose about 1lb per week.

      The simplest and fastest diet involves you eating nothing but water to clean your body for about a week. Also the hardest and potentially most dangerous. You lose weight rapidly but can't really function well without a lot of will power.

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  • find a girl you take interest in and start talking to her, flirt, get her number, make plans for the weekend, get to know each other more, etc etc.

  • ha no chance... just kiddin man... nah dude do your thing and be yourself, you will find someone my man! keep hittn the gym up and keep up the confidence and social skills and you never know

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