Please help me.. I dont no what to do.. read it its a crazy crazyyy story? wtf?

i met this guy in April.. we hit it off good.. he asked me out i told him no several times cuz i told him i was scared.. but the reason why i was scared is cuz i felt like there's no way he really likes me!!! u no.. i didn't wanna get my hopes up and be his joke.. !! well i was seeing him once a month.. and over those few months.. i ended up fallin for him.. great passionate sex and kisses.. like that was perfect.. and he's sexy.. mma fighter.. i love his personailty.. really chill guy.. but by the time i fell for him he had done found a girl he clicked with off the bat like reallllyyyy good.. she lives like 5 states away.. but she has a lot of money from being hurt on the job.. she's skinnier than me she's about 155 im 180lb.. we are both about 5'3 and we are both 25.. since she has money she was sending him and his fam money and clothes.. a couple times.. but the thing is he actually really likes her.. like she asked him to marry her after 2 months and he told her yes.. but when i first me him me and him both agreed we didn't believe in marriage.. but suddenly he's in love and wants too.. but the first time he went to her house he was messaging me wanting to talk to me.. and wanted to chill when he got home.. and at this point i was in love with him.. i understood it was my fault cuz i kept saying no to him in the beginning right? so by the time we hung out we fooled around i ended up almost cryin during sex and confessed that i loved him.. and i didn't expect it back.. but he just kissed me.. hours later while watching tv.. he looked at me out of no where and said "i no i dont say it a lot.. but i love u" he's like its hard cuz i feel like i love two girls at once and i never thought that was possible.. he's like i thought it was impossible to love two people.. and he kissed me and we dropped the convo

two days later i told him i was moving.. i wanted to get out of that situation.. and instead of him excepting it.. he told me that i didn't have to leave i could move in with him.. i told him i can't just move in.. u got a girl friend! like this is crazy.. and we got off the phone didn't talk for a whole month.. at all.. i inboxed him he read my message and didn't say anything at all.. i got pissed told him i never cared about him and all kinds of shit
a month later he messages me tell me she's crazy and that i should of told him she wasn't any good for him.. telling me i shouldn't of ran away.. he's like me and her are done.. because she was supposed to take him to LA to see his favorite band.. and she told him she sold his tickets.. so thats why he broke up with her.. he asked me again if i would be his girl i told him we will talk when i saw him in person.. i waited for a month to see if she was gonna come back


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  • He isn't that into you. I'm sorry