How to get girl's attention on online dating platform? texting, messaging, intro messages, etc?

How do i get women to reply in online dating sites like tinder and other online dating sites? i know that just because i matched with a girl on tinder doesn't mean she would tak to me. does it depend on what I say to her? i dont do the whole, "hey" or "whats up?" messages but actually show interests and asks meaningful questions but still nothing. I am beggining to think that it all has to do with how attractive i am. i know everyone all say that its not the looks and stuff like that, but lets be serious here. it is how attractive we guys look that will determine if women will look at us. but since i am not a 10 in hot scale, how can i still get women to have that initial interaction with me so they can at least get to know SOME things about me and if they choose to not be interested then there's nothing i can do and i wish her best of luck. I guess what i am trying to ask is, how and what to say to women in online and texting platforms to get them interested to talk to me and get to know me. i am not a 10 but i know i am not ugly or anything. but its how to get them interested enough to talk to me and give me a chance. and i know most girls are gonna be saying, why should we give you a chance and that its our right to decide who we give chances to, etc. well than TELL me how to get you girls to give me a chance.


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