Why would he try to make seem like more than what it was?

This guy and I met on Tinder this summer. We texted lots and seemed to really get along with one another. We finally met up and agreed that neither of us wanted a relationship, but a sexual realtionship was totally cool.

Two months later, he says that he "loves" me; I was really skeptical about accepting this and still am. I always called him out on just wanting sex, but he insisted that he actually liked me for me.

He he has broken promises to me many times: he has promised to take me out, and when the day comes, he has an excuse as to why he can't make it. I invited him to go out clubbing with my friends and I for my birthday; he didn't show and didn't even bother to answer my texts or calls when I was calling to see where he was that night.

The last occurrence was when he promised to see me yet again. He text me minutes after he said he was on his way telling me he had a flat tire. He was too dumb enough to realize that he posted a bottle of Ciroc on his Snapchat story. I put two and two together: he didn't have a flat. He would rather stay home and get drunk rather than come see me. It really hurt, but I told him never to worry about contacting me again.

Of course, he didn't bother to apologize. If we started off in a strictly sexual relationship, however, why would he go to lengths to insist that it was more, that he loved me, and that he wanted to take me out and such?


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  • It sounds like he might have felt something and decided that whether it was true or not, that you would like hearing it and since he was unsure, it wouldn't be considering lying strictly to get you to have sex with him some more. Just a possibility.


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