What? Why he said this?😑?

I've trying to get some help with this before. Please help, I Was having a conversation with the guy I like (he doesn't know I like him). Then he asked me a few questions. One of them was when he said "Jinny how are you planing to solve all those chemistry class problems" then I said "by practicing". He then replied "well going over all problems will take you forever, you seem to have a life".

My English still not so well, I just learned the language for about a year. Please help me I don't really get what did he meant by " you seem to have a life" When he said that to me he paused, pointed at me and looked straight in my eyes, then he looked down... why he said this? Why he do this? I appreciate any opinions!! Thanks a lot!!


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  • He is telling you that you are a nerd.

    • Lol. If that's what he meant, I'll take that as compliment! Thanks.

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  • I speak English fluently and this makes no sense to me!
    OK, If somebody says you have a life, it means you are not a loser that spends all of her time not having fun.
    But in this context he might mean that you have too much spare time...
    Well, ask him about what he meant.