Girls, Was her reaction justified?

My girlfriend caught me cheating with her friend in her bed. She forced the friend to leave and then my girlfriend gave me a bloody nose. Was she justified in doing that? Or was she too violent? She also left me. How do I get her back? I love her and am really sorry for what I did! But, my girlfriend will not take me back. And the nose still hurts.


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  • If you "love her" you wouldn't have cheated on her in the first place. Why would someone do something that would hurt the person they love? Did you think she wasn't going to find out? Even if she wasn't going to, wouldn't you feel guilty because apparently you "love her". I hope she's not stupid enough to get back with you, obviously she deserves better. I think it's fine that she hit you, deserved it :)


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  • Although I don't agree with violence, you should be happy she didn't have a gun.

    • isn't that too violent?

    • What I meant is that people do worse revenge for lesser things.

    • what would you do in her position?

  • This is definitely a troll question.

    You did not even try to cover it up