Girls, If he comes back, should I take him back?

I was seeing a guy for 2 months. We hadn't spoken about being exclusive at that point but I was under the impression we were both only really dating each other. He introduced me to his closest friends, left me in his house while he went to work, was sleeping together, having date nights and would talk about me meeting extended friends, We also planned to do a couples massage which was his suggestion.
In the space of a week I had suddenly seen a slutty girl with no self respect (posts about hating men, loving dick, ruining lives etc) posting on his wall and flirting back and forth majorly, he had also bought her flowers. I told him we needed to talk and he told me that he has feelings for us both but saw a future with me it's just he only had met her a week before suddenly didn't know what he wanted. I told him I won't be a second option to anyone and that I was done. He said we hadn't spoken about being exclusive yet so he was allowed to keep his options open until that conversation. He kept saying he didn't want me to walk away and could see a future but just needed time to figure out his head but said not to go. I told him I'm not waiting around and that I need to move on. He kept saying he'll be in touch when he figures things out. I just walked away.

He sent me a message yesterday saying how he thinks I'm an amazing person and said he understands where I'm coming from and the reason he likes me so much was because my head was screwed on.
Was walking away the right thing to do? If he comes back would be giving him a second chance (with conditions) be worth it?

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  • I'm not a big fan of giving second chance in most cases. But while you saw this as a relation ship of exclusivity he hadn't got to that point ( obviously ) . You nor he has actually put a label on it nor set rules or guidelines. If you choose to give dude a second chance it would be a wise move to set those guild lines almost immediatly.


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  • He was flirting with another girl in front of you (online). That was mean and disrespectful. Of course your didn't need to be exclusive when it hasn't come up but you don't parade all your options out there to make people feel insecure.

    He is an asshole. Have some self respect and refuse to be treated like that again. Do not give that behavior a 2nd chance.


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  • He's right that you aren't exclusive until you both have a conversation about it. Why did you take so long to talk about it?

  • If he wanted to be with you and and no one else his full attention would have been on you and no one else.


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