How would you do if you found your date still has feeling to his ex but he said he would choose you?

I've been dating this guy for few weeks and we were fine until his ex back to my country for holidays. He disappeared and finally told me that he still has feeling for her but likes me as well And he wants to continue with me and cut off from her.
The reason we are not together yet is that we are not compatible in personality. We both agree that so we are still trying.
However, I don't see any action he did for cutting off from her. They still spent lots time together though he claimed that they were just friends.
I want to move on but as he told me that he likes me and wants to continue with me, it makes me so hard to move on! :((((
how would you do if you were me?


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  • That would be our last date.

    • I hope that I can be as cool as you.. it's hard but I will try. Thanks for your opinion!

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    • And I agree with you that he hasn't met the one that makes him move on. I am sure I am not that one haha. So i think maybe it's not his fault. Though I feel unhappy about this fact haha.

    • Then you need to move on. Best

  • Nothing, since it's so early on I'd be understanding. I would give us space because I'd feel he's only gonna go back to her.

    • So you are okay that he dates simultaneously with you and another girl? You don't mind being the second choice? I understand your point that it's on early stage, but I found myself still hard to accept this fact...

    • No, I'm not saying that that's okay. If he was going back to her, that's who he's choosing so I'd leave him alone.

  • Personally, I couldn't date a guy who was still hung up on his ex. I certainly wouldn't continnue to date him when he's still meeting up with her and keeping In contact with her. I set boundaries in a relationship and that's a boundary I'd never let a guy cross.

    He may like you but it seems you are just a second choice. Why be someone's other when you can be someone's else's only. It would be naive to continue the relationship with him. You'd be setting yourself up for a heartbreak if you did.

    He's not over her and still meeting up with her , so I'd respect myself enough to walk away and love myself enough to move on. 💗😊 xx

    • Hi, thank you so much, that really helps. Yeah I've left him because I want to respect and love myself. One day earlier I leave him, one day earlier I might meet the right one.

    • You are very welcome! 🌷 If you hold onto the wrong guy... you'll never meet the right one ❤

    • Exactly! :)